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We work in Dartford, Gravesend, Northfleet, Hartley, Bexleyheath and other Kent areas. Get in touch with our team for free quotes on your next roofing project. We're more than happy to speak with you!

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Look for more information about our roofing expertise, down below! Please click the button below to download our Terms & Conditions. All work carried out by Top Rank Roofing & Building Ltd is business backed guaranteed and our flat roof renewals and roof replacements are insurance backed guaranteed.

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Clean Installations

We’ll keep your home neat after we install your next roof. We include scaffolding in our quote for your re-roofing project. With chutes and skips, we’ll be able to dispose of your old roof material.

A Wealth of Experience

Payment at Completion

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A Family Owned Business

We have experience in the roofing business, with years of practice and a deep understanding of the industry. We can talk to you about the most modern methods and materials and show you what is cost effective and efficient in your home.

We believe in offering you a personal touch when we speak with you. That’s why we don’t believe in pushy sales tactics. Throughout your next roofing project, we’ll be in touch to let you know our progress.

We do occasionally use sub contractors for specific aspects of specialised work however even in such instances we work very closely with them to ensure consistency and that you are kept well informed.

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Where do we work?

In addition to Dartford, we can travel as far as Woolwich and Lewisham or Thong and Cobham.

What type of services do we offer?

How do I know if my roof needs work?

How do I keep my roof clean?

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