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Leadwork Dartford & Kent

We install and replace leadwork in Dartford, Gravesend, Northfleet, Hartley, Bexleyheath and other areas of Kent. Call our friendly team to find a quote on leadwork in your area. We’re more than happy to hear from you.

Leadwork Dartford

If you’re looking for lead installation or repair, you’ve come to the right place. Our family run business has a history of roof repair. We know that you’re looking for leadwork to help keep your home watertight and ensure structural integrity.

One of the principal benefits of choosing leadwork is that it’s long lasting. This longevity ensures that your roof will stay stable well into the future. Despite being a solid construction material, it’s also highly malleable, meaning we can configure it for many different purposes.

We use leadwork in flat roofing, porches, bay windows, roof lights, chimneys and more. Simply speak with our Dartford team about how we can improve your roof. We can help you wherever you are in Kent.

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Our team of installers are all handpicked to do the leadwork on your home. With our team of skilled professionals, you won’t have to worry about broken tiles during your leadwork replacement.

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When to Replace Lead Flashing

As an important part of your roofline, your lead flashing should be checked yearly along with your other roof maintenance. This helps you to notice whether or not it’s rusting, pulling away from the roof, or cracked. If you notice any of these issues, let us know.

We’ll come to your home and install the flashing. This typically involves taking measurements, cutting the lead to size, shaping the lead with various tools and then installing the flashing and moulding it to your roof.

At Top Rank Roofing & Building, we believe in making sure that you get the best products at the best prices. Our team of local Dartford professionals will be able to come to your home quickly to install lead flashing.

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Leadwork Prices Dartford & Kent

Find out more about our leadwork installation, replacement and repair services. When you ring us on 0203 285 8334 we’ll make sure to answer all of your questions. We’ll give you a free quote without the hard sell. Speak with us today!

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When you give us a call on 0203 285 8334, we can offer you a free, no nonsense quote.

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