Pitched Roof Renewals

Pitched Roof Renewals

Adding supporting timber

Before we begin work on the outside it is part of our thorough roof check to check if any supporting timber needs to be added for the health of your roof. If you have a slate roof and wish the change to a tiled roof it is common that supporting timber needs to be added to account for the new weight of the roof. If your roof is in need of supporting timber, this will be added before work commences on the outside to provent any further damage to your roof

Erecting scaffolding, material delivery and additional hire

Before any other work takes place we would have our scaffolding company errect scaffolding where needed around your property. Top Rank have been working with the same company for a long time and can say with confidence that they are very reliable and respectul so no delay or uneccessary stress is added to you or us. A skip will be delivered on site usually alongside a material conveyor in order to dispose of your previous roof and help our team get materials onto the roof efficiently. All of this is included in our price and will be organised by Top Rank. Please bare in mind Top Rank is very considerate of your everyday routine and will try our best to cause minimal disruption to it.

Stripping your roof

After we start by stripping all existing tiles or slates. All tiles or slates are stripped from your roof and converted to a skip outside your property. After all tiles or slates are removed we then begin to remove existing battens and felt, these are also converted to the skip.

Replcing your felt and battens

Once the roof is stripped we then begin to attach a breathable membrane to your rafters in place of your old felt which allows the roof to breathe as well as add protection against water. After the breathable membrane is added we will nail treated timber to your rafters for your tiles or slated to be put on.

Breathable roofing membrane has been used in building for many years now and, more recently, in cold pitch roof construction without traditional eaves ventilation. The benefit of reduced heat loss and not having to incorporate ventilators has seen their use grow widely amongst the construction of roofs. Treated wood was designed to defy the effects of ­natural aging. As wood is exposed to the natural elements, it slowly breaks down. Moisture is especially hard on wood. If treated, wood can last much longer than normal.

Tiling or Slating

After the roof has been covered by a breathable membrane and the treated timber has been attatched we will then begin to put on the slate or tile of your choice. once the roof is has been tiled or slated we will then start the put on any ridge, valley or verge tiles with one of the following two methods:

Traditional Mortar or the Dry-Fix system. Traditional mortar is the most used method which works well in keeping your roof protected against the elements, however the more modern method is using the dry-fix system which ventilates your roof through the use of mechanical fixings, this contributes towards the current building regulations.

Insulate the roof and tidy up

After all the outside workis done and your roof is safe from the elements, we then insulate your loft if needed. It is now building regulations that your loft must have 270mm of insulation, it is standard procedure for Top Rank to check this and top it up if needed.

The last job we do is tidy up. It is one of our top priorities to keep our site organised and tidy at all times ecspecially after we have left. Once the job is finished the site will be checked by the director that the property is clean and like it was when we arrived.

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